Associations and Foundations

Chimney Producers and Installers Association

This association was established for the purpose of bringing together, in one place, the producers, importers and installers of quality chimney systems, to encourage cooperation within the Industry, to design systems that support the health of people and of the environment, and to ensure that installed chimney systems work smoothly and well, with maximum efficiency and energy conservation. 

Natural Gas Equipment Manufacturers and Businessmen Association

This association, was established in 1993. DOSİDER aims to create an environment of solidarity and cooperation between members within the natural gas sector, the provision of solutions for common issues; and with the supply of suitable quality services and materials to users, taking the necessary precautions to prevent unfair competition in these matters. 26 domestic and international companies in the sector are members of DOSİDER. These companies account for approximately 95% of the Turkish heating sector. 

Association of the Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Of Refrigeration ESSIAD was founded by the leading enterprises of the HVAC-R sector in 1990. The main purpose of the Association is to keep the rights and the legal ethics of the people and the companies playing role in the HVAC-R cluster, to create opportunities in order to increase the export volume of the members, to support their market improvement plans, and besides to deliver the high quality products to the end-user. ESSIAD with a quarter Century background has never made a concession of these goals and directives; moreover has increased such work contributing to this objective. ESSIAD undersigned several projects such as EHISLAB (HVAC-R Accredited Test and Analysis Laboratory Project), School-to-Profession, UR-GE (Increasing the International Competitiveness), and ESEM Continuous Training Center. 

International Solar Energy Society - Turkey Section

’GÜNDER (International Solar Energy Society – Turkey Section) which was founded in 1991, maintains studies in development of industry, science and technology in the field of solar energy by establishing the regulatory framework and raising awareness. GÜNDER which is an unique non-governmental organization of Turkey that consists of administrators and civil servants of public bodies, academic members and industry representatives of Solar Thermal and PV, is the voice of solar energy by representing the entire value chain. GÜNDER is not only the member of ISES, EPIA and ESTIF, but also representing Turkish Republic in the programs of IEA-PVPS and IEA-SHC.‘’ 

Heating Cooling Air Conditioning Research and Education Foundation

This is the only active foundation in the industry. It was established in 1997 to improve and develop the heating, cooling, and air conditioning industry, to ensure compliance with European Union standards, and to foster industry-university partnerships. “ISKAV has four essential objectives in mind; 1) To enchange the sector in Turkey 2) To enchange collaboration between universities and sector 3) To ensure European Union comformity of our sector 4) To make up for an important shortage of the sector: “providing training for the production, assembly and service staff if firms of the sector. 

Society Of HVAC-R Training Consulting And Research

This association was established in order to provide education for the qualified workers needed in the cooling and installation industry, to establish and support industry standards, and to win the respect of the membership as an authority in the field with their outstanding work. 

Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union

Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union (ISIB) was established in 2011 by the Turkish Ministry of Economy as a semi-governmental occupational organization with a current membership portfolio of over 500 exporter companies. The aim of the Union is; to increase the power of the Turkish HVAC-R sector, to more actively promote the sector abroad, to create the necessary policies which enable the sector to reach its long-term aims and targets, and to gather the exporters of the sector under a single roof, seeking solutions to their problems by means of a single operation center. It can be seen the list of Turkish HVAC-R sectors’ exporter companies through ISIB’s following internet address: 

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Manufacturers Association

ISKID, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment manufacturers with the Turkish authorized representatives of international manufacturers conduct Turkey’s activities for air-conditioning sector development and sector to take the lead in terms of in the international competition. The association makes efforts to solve the problems of its members by providing cooperation between the members; protects the rights of air conditioning consumers and companies at national and international level; acts environmental friendly and contributes to the country’s economy when meeting the heating and refrigeration needs of the country. 

Association of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation and Fireproofing Material Producers, Suppliers and Applicators

This association was founded in 1993 for the purpose of better informing the public and the Industry in order to raise the awareness on the issues of thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, fire proofing, She is a non-governmental organization, whose members are producers, distributers, retailers and installers of these materials. 

Boiler and Pressure Container Manufacturing Union

Turkey’s Heating-Steam Boiler and Pressurized/Non-Pressure Equipment Manufacturing Industry Union was established in 1985 to be of service to members, offering advice on solutions to problems. Their aim is to develop their industry to the same standards found in similar industries in other countries, as well as to meet the total of Turkey’s need for the production of boilers and pressurized/non-pressurized equipment. 

The Association of Mechanical Contractors

This association is engaged in activities that will strengthen its global competitive standing and further improve and develop the industry on a national level. Association members aim to perform their duties to the highest standards, and will take whatever steps necessary to improve and strengthen their own professional discipline. 

Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers’ Association

The Turkish Pump and Valve Association was established to serve the needs of the members and to promote collaboration and problem-solving between on-the-ground workers and businessmen, all of whom work in the construction and manufacture of pumps and valves. They are working to increase product quality and overall productivity, as well as to do whatever is necessary to increase their level of global competitiveness. 

Association of Refrigeration Industry and Businessmen

This association has, as one of its goals, to ensure the collaboration, discussion and exchange of information vital to the members involved in the representation, sales, and/ or manufacturing of main and spare parts for cooling, air conditioning units and automatic control appliances. Other goals include the solving of member problems in a friendly manner, improving and developing the markets for cooling and air conditioning appliances, developing the customer base and ensuring the availability of quality products. 

Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers TOBB HVAC&R Assembly

TTMD was founded to develop the services given by Mechanical Engineering in heating, refrigerating, ventilating, plumbing, insulation and fire safety fields. Currently TTMD is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Turkey having more than 2000 professional members of designers, manufacturers, contractors, academicians, policy makers. TTMD carry out many co-operations with universities and high schools, industry, research institutions, governmental bodies, NGOs and other professional expert groups for the objectives of creating living areas which are environmentally friendly, utilizing the energy more efficiently and having more sustainable buildings and installations in it. 

TOBB HVAC&R Assembly

TOBB HVAC&R Assembly is one of the 59 assembly that make up the Turkish Financial and Stock Market Union. The Assembly aims to foster sectorial policy making, ensure a formulation of sectorial interest and position statements, and develop good cooperation and collaboration between public and private sectors. The Assembly also provides a major benefit to the sector and national economy with it’s national and international vision and strategy. The HVAC&R Assembly is an important meeting point which consists of public authorities, non-governmental organizations operating in the sector and the leading firms.